About Us

Fursa is a Swahili word which means opportunity.

Why opportunities?

Africa is overwhelmed by serious problems ranging from hunger, logistical inefficiency, 20-50% post-harvest loss, unemployment, illiteracy, inadequate housing, inadequate credit facilities and erratic electricity.

While others may be ashamed of and frustrated by these problems, we at Fursa 101 Africa see opportunities.

Fursa 101 Africa is a shared value technology Company focused on building technology infrastructures to empower local farmers, local producers, local distributors, local traders and local manufacturers as one stop agro shopping center(e-commerce)(sokoworld), as one stop online payment(sokopesa) and one stop e-learning platform for farmers and SMEs(e-fursa).

Fursa 101 Africa was founded by local Tanzanians in 2018 to solve market linkage, logistical inefficiency, food insecurity, agribusiness skills and financial inclusion problems for local farmers, producers and manufacturers in the agricultural value chain.

Fursa 101 Africa is excited by Africa’s problems because by solving these problems we will unlock massive streams of wealth for farmers, African SMEs, manufacturers and general merchants, create jobs, and opportunities on the continent. We work in partnership with transport providers, distributors, Agents, mobile money payments, agro inputs suppliers, financial, extension officers, industry experts, trainers and research institutions.

Our Management Team

Fursa 101 Africa is made up of talented and dedicated people.

Our core team is made up of operation and project managers, logistic and transport managers, agricultural experts and extension service officers, software developers, national, regional and district managers, agents and ambassadors.

Agents & Independent Distributors

Fursa 101 Africa work closely with village leaders, extension officers, influential traders, field agents and local independent distributors as AGENTS. Fursa 101 agents interface directly with smallholder farmers and local producers in various communities, districts and regions. They help farmers, local producers and manufacturers upload their products to our platform and at the same time they help them shop affordable agro inputs from our platform. They also help in gathering market information and statistical data.

Meet the Team

Geophrey Tenganamba

Chief Executive Officer

Bhoke Mukoji

Chief Operations Officer

Hamis Hussein Mhini

Chief Advisor

Joanes Godfrey Sambwe

Head of Design

Steven Kassanga

Head of Platforms

Mwl. Angelo Francis

Associate Director of Growth Marketing

Jubilee Banda

Export and Partnership Manager

Erica Godfrey

Agro Expert and Commodity Sourcing Manager

Mpoki Mwakasege

Senior Sales and Marketing Manager

Samweli Abdallah

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Misigaro

Lead Web and Software Developer

Athman Rashid

Sales Trader

Maria Hozza

Agro expert and Commodity Sourcing Director