About Us

Fursa 101 Africa is a shared value technology Company focused on building technology infrastructures to empower local farmers, local producers, local distributors, local traders and local manufacturers as one stop agro shopping center(e-commerce)(sokoworld), as one stop online payment(sokopesa) and one stop e-learning platform for farmers and SMEs(e-fursa).

Fursa 101 Africa was founded by local Tanzanians in 2018 to solve market linkage, logistical inefficiency, food insecurity, agribusiness skills and financial inclusion problems for local farmers, producers and manufacturers in the agricultural value chain.

We have reached more than 12000 farmers and local producers and paid over USD 50k worth of commodities traded.


Fursa 101 Africa is a technology company focusing on solving market linkage, logistical inefficiency, food insecurity, agribusiness skills and financial inclusion problems for local farmers, producers and manufacturers in the agricultural value chain. We have covered it all from seed to warehouse. Our platform includes:

This is a marketplace both web and mobile apps responsible for facilitating trade between smallholder farmers, local producers, manufacturers and suppliers.


This platform allows for shared logistics costs amongst many farmers or local producers. Local truck owners register on the platform and get notified when a delivery job is available. This also includes a shared cold chain logistics.

This is our mobile money payments which enable farmers and local producers receive payments via mobile money from anywhere in the world, pay for inputs, rent tractors and save, all through the power of their mobile phones.


With Fursa 101 e learning platform it is possible to train for low costs and in short periods of time (e.g., farming skills, food processing, a garment worker can be trained in about two weeks with video contents online).


At Fursa 101 Africa, our passion is to transform Africa by unleashing the army of African entrepreneurs in agribusiness sector, food, logistics, technology, manufacturing, energy, health and mining. Our work focuses on the UN Sustainable Development Goals through:

Livelihood empowerment for smallholder farmers and local producers:

By direct linking small holder farmers to direct market bypassing middlemen and direct linkage to affordable agro inputs, we enables lower income segments (smallholder farmers) get enough money to take care of their families and needs thereby alleviating them from poverty.

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Fursa 101 Africa is contributing to the agenda of feeding 9 Billion people by 2050 through helping smallholder farmers with extension services linkage, affordable inputs, and access to capital to produce more to ensure sustainable food security.

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work through empowerment, finance, agents and distribution:

By empowering small holder farmers with extension services to increase production, market and credit facilities linkage and affordable agricultural inputs such as machines and fertilizers, farmers can upgrade their farms, get a higher and more stable income and contribute to the economic growth of the agricultural sector in Tanzania. Working with agents and distributors, we enable them to get income.

Partners, Supporters & Investors

We are in agribusiness sector which employs two third of African population. This sector is huge on our own, so we have fostered very strategic partnerships with institutions aligned with our values and mission. From transport providers, service providers, agro inputs suppliers, investors and collaborators. We are always seeking more of such partnerships and invite you to reach out if interested in working with us. Fursa 101 Africa is working/ looking to partner with following Major players in agriculture sector namely:

Tanzania Agricultural development Bank

Regional and national markets

Ministry of Agriculture

Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania

Tanzania Farmer's Association

Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA)

Agricultural Council of Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Native Co-operative Union

Songea Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Union Ltd

Shinyanga Region Cooperative Union

Small Industries Development Organization

Tanganyika Cooperative Trading Agency

Tanzania Federation of Cooperatives

Western Zone Tobacco Growers Cooperative Union Ltd