Fursa 101 Africa is a technology company focusing on solving market linkage, logistical inefficiency, food insecurity, agribusiness skills and financial inclusion problems for local farmers, producers and manufacturers in the agricultural value chain. We have covered it all from seed to warehouse. Our platform includes:


This is a marketplace both web and mobile apps responsible for facilitating trade between smallholder farmers, local producers, manufacturers and suppliers. It provides a secure trade environment, with trusted farmers and partners using technology, and working with experts. The platform target direct consumers (B2C) such as individual shoppers and Businesses (B2B) such as hotels, agro industries and institutions. From our platform one farmer or producer can sale products to many buyers; single buyer can buy products from farmers groups, associations and cooperatives or many farmers groups with many buyers;

The platform includes the following functions:

1) Farmer Registrations
It allows farmers to list their produce and tracks real time inventory levels as well as basic production forecasting.

2) Warehouse Management Platform
The platform manages farmer, local farmer or distributor profiles; it allows the viewing of inventory levels in the warehouse location radius. It manages incoming products, processing and packaging inventory as well as outgoing orders.

3) E-Commerce
The platform allows clients to make orders from a range of products directly from nearby farm, nearby warehouse, nearby local markets or nearby local distributors/suppliers, clients can also select and manage their preferred suppliers, view his/her invoices and view real time inventory as well as future production schedules.

Logistics & Tracking

It is a platform that enable us to know which route is the most efficient to use for commodity pickups.

How long will it take for customers to receive commodities they ordered.

This platform allows for shared logistics costs amongst many farmers or local producers. Local truck owners register on the platform and get notified when a delivery job is available. This also includes a shared cold chain logistics.

We works with top shipping companies to make sure your cargo arrives on time, at competitive rates, as planned.


This is our mobile money payments which enable farmers and local producers receive payments via mobile money from anywhere in the world, pay for inputs, rent tractors and save, all through the power of their mobile phones. Through this platform we make super easy for institutions to on-lend and disburse funds to a large network of smallholder farmers and local producers from our platform.

E-learning platform

Africa is lucky with more than 1.4 billion people and expected to double by 2030-2050. Our people are our most valuable asset but majority of them are without proper skills and knowledge in local production and agribusiness.

Fursa 101 Africa vision is to build an e – commerce business (online store) for farmers and local producers from Africa that can favorably compete with international brands like Amazon and by 2028.

Alibaba was possible in China because China had millions of local producers compared to Africa.

Working in partnership with industry experts, trainers and research institutions Fursa 101 Africa is developing e-learning platform for local producers, farmers and SMEs to improve their individual productive capabilities.

With Fursa 101 e learning platform it is possible to train for low costs and in short periods of time (e.g., farming skills, food processing, a garment worker can be trained in about two weeks with video contents online).

With Fursa 101 e- class people can use mobile apps or computers to learn business or any productive skills from the comfort of their home or improve on their vocational and professional skills. Get the opportunity to learn from professionals with vast years of practical industry experience.

Our course will cover a wide range of vocational courses and trainers selected from the best in their respective fields i.e Fish Farming, crop farming, livestock farming, Food processing, Tailoring/Fashion Design, Food Catering, Makeup Artistry, Interior Design, Poultry Management, Welding, Woodwork/Carpentry, Sculpture, Painting, Voice training, music production, Fitness training, technology and much more. We call these courses FURSA 101.


Are you nearby local markets anywhere in Tanzania? Do you want to make money as independent sokoworld shopper?

Are you in a prime location with a good storage facility and interested in commodity trading?

Are you transport providers with either local truck (Kirikuu), Bajaj, motorcycle or lorry?

Welcome to Fursa 101 Africa as sokoworld shopper or distributor or logistic service provider. Fursa 101 or sokoworld Distributors Program allows you to sell high quality agricultural produce to consumers and make about 25-30% profit margins monthly.

By becoming a distributor from any region or district or village or town you will play a key role in the agricultural value chain where you will help the smallholder farmer located in the remotest part of Tanzania, sell their produce at fair market prices, bypass middlemen who exploit them and break the poverty cycle they find themselves in.

If you have simple storage facility, no bigger than your bedroom, you can sell high demand commodities such as maize (both white and yellow), soybean, millet, cowpea, wheat and groundnut at competitive prices with good profit margins. Interested?

Or you have cold chain transport facility, or near local market? You can become independent sokoworld shopper where you make 25% commission on profit margin.